Saturday, March 6, 2010

A New Scanner!

Julia and I have a new scanner, and she is working diligently to scan our archive of negatives and prints. The scanner is the bottom of the line Epson 4490, retailing for $149. It wil scan 35mm and MF negatives and prints up to 8x10. Julia has never scanned a negative before, so she's a good tester of the scanner's user-friendliness. This image is from Julia's first ever negative scan, and is not cropped, adjusted or edited in any way.

Film: Arista EDU 100
Developer: 510-Pyro
Dilution: 1:100
Time: 7:30
temp: 70F
Agitation: 10 sec/minute

Scanner: Epson 4490
Resolution: 300dpi

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