Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition

510-Pyro has been published in the third edition of The Darkroom Cookbook, by Steve Anchell, thanks to editor, Mark Booth. I'm honored to have my formula included in this indispensable darkroom reference book.


Grant said...

Congrats Jay. I'm new to your Blog and to 510 Pyro. I recently processed some 4x5 HP5+ and 120 Tmax400 with excellent results in my Jobo. I'm looking forward to doing more work using 510 Pyro in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the excellent work on this formula.
Best Regards,

jdef said...

Thanks, Grant.

I've used a lot of both of those films, but TMY is my favorite. I can't imagine a more foolproof methodology than TMY/ 510-Pyro/ Jobo. I hope you'll consider posting some of your images here. Thanks for your kind comments, and please post often.