Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here. The Camellias are blooming!

Thanks to Jim Byers for this beautiful image. The play of contrasts, between the delicacy of the luminous petals and the substance of the velvety leaves, between sharpness and softness, and between detail and void, is so harmoniously composed, I've been staring at it for long periods since Jim sent it, and I'm still discovering it. Jim offered this image as an example of his film/ developer combination, but I see it as an example of a simple subject elevated by Jim's sensitivity and command of his materials. I'm sure Jim could have made this image with any number of developers, but I'm glad he chose 510-Pyro!

Film: Efke 25
EI: 20
Format: 4x5
Developer: 510-Pyro
Dilution: 1:100
Time: 5:06
Temp: 21C/70F
Agitation: Rotary
Presoak: 3 minutes water presoak
Fixer: TF-4

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