Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love on the Rocks....

Juliet at Celebration Park

This is my darling Juliet beneath the cloudy Idaho skies, on a warm black rock on the bank of the Snake River. The light would change from brilliant to flat as clouds passed in front of the sun, so this roll of film required some thought about processing. I decided to process in 510-Pyro, semi-stand, but at 1:100 dilution instead of 1:300, or 1:500 as I usually do. I think this negative has potential.

Film: TMY-2
Format: 120 (6x7)
Developer: 510-Pyro
Dilution: 1:100
Time: 16:00
Temp: 70F
Agitation: Semi-Stand (continuous for 1st minute/ 10 seconds at 1/2 way point)