Friday, May 1, 2009

Donald Denison

I'R Wigwam Burner - Dolores, CO

IR Barn - Egnar, CO

Film:Rollei IR 400
EI: 25

Developer: 510-Pyro
Dilution: 1:1:00
Time: 12:00
Temp: 70F
Agitation: JOBO Rotary Processor

Introduction by Jay DeFehr

When I began my photographic education, I was fascinated by the lengthy and technical descriptions of equipment, materials and techniques that accompanied so many Black and white photographs. It was clear to me at the time that I would have to master not only the use of the equipment, materials and techniques of the medium, but also the science behind them, and the jargon used to describe them, if I was to produce anything I could be proud of.
Being slow witted, I was frustrated when I saw excellent work that didn't include these kinds of detailed descriptions, and surmised the photographers were guarding their secrets. Only much later (again, slow witted), after much study and practice did it begin to occur to me that the equipment, materials and techniques were only tools, and differed only superficially among photographers, and the photographers who produced the best work most consistently were typically the ones who wrote little or nothing about their tools. When pressed, these same photographers would disappoint many technophiles by revealing their very simple tools and working methods. Their equipment is most often not old enough to be vintage, or new enough to be state of the art, their techniques differ little from those recommended by the big manufacturers, and their materials are more often off-the-shelf than exotic.
510-Pyro is certainly an exotic developer, but I suspect Mr. Denison uses it because it's reliable, economical, it simplifies his process instead of complicating it, and because it works, and I am certain his work would be every bit as remarkable, regardless of the developer he used.
I am grateful to Mr. Denison for posting his images here, and I hope they inspire all visitors as much as they have inspired me. Enjoy!

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket In Snow


Used Boots For Sale

Above Image-

Film: Ilford Delta 400-120 (ISO 400)
Dilution: 1:100
Volume: 300ml
Time: 9:30
Temp: 68F
Agitation: Rotary (Jobo CPP2)
Scan: Negative

Combine Detail

Crop Duster

All Other Images:

Film: Delta 100 - 120 (ISO 100)
Dilution: 1:100
Volume: 300 ml
Time: 7:00
Temp: 70F
Agitation: Rotary (JOBO CPP-2)
Scan: Negative
Artist's bio

Donald Denison first became interested in photography at nine years of age and he has maintained an interest (passion) up to his current 72 years of age. The last twenty years have been dedicated to solely black & white photography with all processing and printing being done by himself. A huge bonfire will be built by his daughters when he expires and all conventional photography equipment and boxes of prints and negatives will keep the flame going for several days. That same bonfire will be used to process Mr. Denison.