Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pyromaniacs unite!

Hello stained ones.

This is a forum for users and potential users of 510-Pyro to share data, images, and conversation. I take a sensitometric approach to testing, and use Phil Davis' Winplotter software to plot curves and generate data, so much of the information I post will take the form of curves, and curve families, but Zone System data is easily extrapolated and can be provided. I look forward to the contributions of other 510-Pyro users in any form those contributions might take.


Craig said...

I was about to get back to some 510 testing... I'll share results as they occur.

jdef said...

Hi Craig.

I'm doing a lot of testing, too. 510-Pyro is so versatile, it seems there are a million variations to test. Most of my testing has been with rotary processing at the 1:100 dilution, but recently I've been testing the 1:200 dilution, and working on a dilution chart for processors that use a single time and temp, and control contrast via dilution. I've been working with TMX and TMY mostly, but also Pan F+ and FP4+. I look forward to seeing your data, and hopefully some images as well.

JeffK said...

Hi Jay, how can we order your $15 pre-mixed kits?


jdef said...

Hi Jeff.

Just paypal $15 to and put 510-Pyro kit as the item, along with your shipping address.


Donald said...

Hi, Jay! Regarding the phenidone in your formulation for 510-Pyro: what does the 5g/.25g mean?

jdef said...

Hi Donald.

I reformatted the formula text to make it easier to read. 510-Pyro contains .25g phenidone/100ml.

John Finch said...

I'm looking forward to trying 510-pyro very soon and reporting my impressions on my website I'll be using Acros for my testing and would love to hear from anyone who has any suggestions that I should bear in mind while testing.


jdef said...

Hi john, and welcome!

Acros and 510-Pyro is one of my very favorite combinations. I'm not near my notes now, but if memory serves, I normally develop Acros exposed normally for 6:30/70F/Rotary agitation. Please do let us know how you find the combination. Good luck and enjoy!

John Finch said...

Thanks Jay,

Your work in this area has been of great interest to many of us wanting the ultimate Pyro developer. It's not at all easy to create a new and exciting developing formula but I think, through great tenacity, you seem to have amalgamated the oldest developing compound with the newest organic solvent methods for longevity.

I really look forward to mixing your formula and getting my experiences (and subsequent images) on Pictorial Planet.

Please email me (from - don't want to place my email address here) if you'd like to add some research background to my pages. That would be a wonderful addition.

Same goes for any other users of 510-Pyro, GSD-10 or Hypercat.

All the very best to you all and keep taking those pictures guys!